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A student’s life is a hard life, and we have a list of the hardest things students have to deal with now that they are at university. #studentproblems

Your I.D. card doesn’t look like you

Yes, the hardest thing as a student is coming to terms with a poor profile picture on your student card. That card is with you for three years but it feels more like life.

Internet connection fails during streaming

You are streaming this film for your Film Studies coursework and the internet goes. Having no internet is a disaster for any student, but if work was actually being done? No words can be expressed for this type of pain.

You waved at someone you thought you knew

Oh Hi Jennifer from Education studies? No? Not you? This is awkward. Sometimes embarrassment and humiliation is enough to make you want to curl up and disappear!

You are paired with the student who falls asleep in every lecture

This is terrible. Why would the lecturer’s do this to you? You have to work with the student who can barely stay awake to answer his name, let alone take notes. Sleepless nights working are in store.

I have no money

This will be a problem every student has. Forever. Student Loan and grant day is the best day of the semester, three weeks later and your bank is back into minus figures? Yep.

All of your lectures are in the AM

I guess lecturers don’t like to sleep in because they always have their classes before midday. You, however, like sleep. The two don’t fit together.

You realised you spelt something wrong.

This is okay, not so much when you have been working on thousands of words worth of work.

Forgot to put name on food

You didn’t label your food in the shared fridge. It will no longer be there when you get back from class…

Didn’t write the page number down for a reference

You borrowed the book from a friend, you found it on a weird site you spent hours searching, you looked at it in the library, someone else has loaned the book out. All of these reasons could be why you can’t get the book back.

Your lecturer said you name wrong

This can be easily done, but not when you had a long conversation the other day about female representations in post revolutionary Iran, and you just answered a great question in class and he said it wrong.

What other student problems have you had to deal with? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting #studentproblems

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