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Students: Dine out and save money

Students: Dine out and save money

Students: Dine out and save money

Becoming a student is a big decision and life change, and will most certainly involve you watching your wallet a lot more than usual and looking for great ways to save money when going out. Here is our guide on how to dine out and save money, the student way!

Don’t drink the good stuff

Always go for water, or the cheaper drink options, as beverages always fill you up anyway and some can be as pricey as half of your meal! You don’t want to waste the majority of your cash on the drink on the side. Look out for free refills, or go to restaurants that have this policy.

Sharing is caring

Having a sharing platter or a starter will help you fill you up and order a smaller and cheaper main. Even sharing a dessert will help you when it comes to splitting the bill, you’re still eating what you wanted and ordered but in smaller amounts and in moderation. Bigger portions for two or more people work out cheaper in the end.

Early bird

You’re now older and wise, but maybe not old enough to get senior discount! However, look out for Early bird specials, or lunch deals instead of dining out at the busiest and expensive time – night! Most restaurants and cafes have a different and cheaper menu for during the day, and it doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t taste as good!

Doggy bags

Now, we’re not talking about the bags you take with you when you are taking your dog for a walk! If you don’t finish your meal, ask the waiter to pack it up for you to take it home. Most restaurants do this without blinking, and it can provide another meal later on! However, think about what you want to take home, some foods go off quickly, or aren’t good with transportation – like soup…


Look at all the deals you can get! There are plenty of loyalty cards and sign ups to save students money. Cut out coupons in newspapers and magazines, sign up for newsletters or even use your mobile phone to get cheaper dining options! Some mobile phone providers, like O2, and Orange, offer their customers specific deals, so use them! There is also the opportunity for cash back, on some debit cards and building societies, collect the cash back!

Be Loyal

So many restaurants and cafes will have loyalty cards and schemes, sign up to one of those bad boys! They’ll save you money or even an entire meal, later on, so they are extremely worth investing into!

Now that you are going to be a student, the purse strings need to be tighter than ever before, as your student loan doesn’t stretch as far as you want it to – even praying doesn’t help, we tried! – so the best thing you can do is to watch your spending and to notice a great deal when you see one!

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