What students expect from university

All undergraduates will admit that there were certain things they thought would and did happen when they started university, here are the top things students expect from university, but we won’t tell you if they really happen – because half the fun is finding out!

1. Every night will be a big party

2. You'll stick it to the man

3. You won't be that messy

4. You'll absolutely LOVE referencing

5. You'll only have happy memories

6. Everything will work out. Everything.

7. You'll be the wittiest friend

8. Everything you do will receive applause

9. You'll be able to eat what you want all the time

10. You'll understand everything

11. And maybe even make a great discovery or something

12. You won't have to go if you don't want to...

13. And group work will be the best...

What are you expecting from university?