What students think they know about university

No matter if you are an undergraduate, postgraduate or even haven’t begun your studies in Further Education as of yet, there are so many things that we all think we know about university, and when the time comes we couldn’t be more wrong! Here’s our list below.

1. That the food and drink isn't that bad

2. That you'll be able to get drunk every night and cope

3. That your student loan will support you completely

4. You'll never forget about certain assignments until the day before

5. Your love life will turn into a Nicholas Sparks novel

6. You'll make 1000 new friends

7. Nobody will mind you telling them about your sexual rendevous

8. You'll like everyone and they'll like you back

9. You'll be able to everyone about anything

10. You'll have a study timetable and stick to it with no hiccups

11. You'll become the next Nigella

12. You'll be happy every day for three years

What do you expect from university?