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Study a sports-based career at UCFB

Study a sports-based career at UCFB

Study a sports-based career at UCFB

UCFB offers degree courses in Sports and Leisure Industries and football, so if you have the right amount of passion which you know means more than just kicking a ball around then choosing to study a sports-based career at UCFB might be the right step for you.

UCFB is a world first in higher education, providing university degrees in the football, sports and leisure industries. Limited places and scholarships are still available through Clearing.

Not only is UCFB a world first in Higher Education due to their range of courses, they also offer undergraduate degree courses in management, administrative and operational business features of the multi-billion pound sports and football industries.

Students will find themselves overlooking the iconic Wembley Stadium and Turf Moor stadium pitches during their studies, allowing undergraduates to learn, live and work right in the middle of the sports industry – literally.

UCFB offer lecture series, workshops and executive speakers as part of their unmatched approach to higher education and there will be no doubt that you’ll become a part of a unique undergraduate experience whilst studying.

If students are interested in studying at UCFB, and are entering Clearing, the university have dedicated Clearing hotlines that are open until late for the days following results day, and more information can be found on their website.

To find out more about UCFB, click here.

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