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The stuff students forget to buy

The stuff students forget to buy

The stuff students forget to buy

Becoming a student means a whole new lifetime of responsibilities, especially as it is your first time living away from home. With all these new responsibilities there will be natural and expected things that you will forget to do and especially buy. Read about the most important things that will skip your mind when shopping.

Toilet paper

Did you think of it? No? We thought so! Toilet paper is one of the essential items in your day-to-day routine and you would be surprised at how commonly it is forgotten! The best thing to do is to buy in bulk or big packs that are on offer in Supermarkets so that you never forget it when you need it most!


Another toiletry that seems to find its way off the list! If you use to live at home with family or friends then you would always depend on the other people buying it! The good news is that if it is just you using it then it will last you a very long time, however, it isn’t a good idea to not put it on your shopping list!

Washing up liquid

This can come as a big shock to students who are newly independent! Before you may have shared responsibility of washing up or even had the luxury of a dishwasher, however, now that you are on your own and living in Halls or shared housing this won’t be the case! Unfortunately, you will have to wash up! And if you are desperate for that cup of coffee in the morning to get you to your 9am lecture then you won’t want to be in the position of without a spoon!

Bin liners

All of this shopping, cooking, cleaning and general day-to-day will create a lot of rubbish. Bin liners are another common item forgotten! You don’t want this to happen or the rubbish will start to smell, especially if you try to put it in the bin without a bin liner! There are a lot of brands and different styles out there to choose from, but standard liners will do fine! They are also handy if you haven’t had the chance to buy a laundry bag!

Paper plates

You can never underestimate the importance of paper plates or plastic cutlery. If you really hate to wash up or have lots of people round then a paper plates can be miraculous! Just don’t try to wash the paper plates up as they won’t last long!


Forgetting to buy batteries can be harsh when you can’t watch your T.V, play your console or use your camera! If you don’t want it to ruin your night in or night out don’t forget to buy them! It is always handy to have spare batteries lying around because you never know when you might need them!

Light bulbs

Buying light bulbs is harder than it sounds! The packaging also states two different power types which makes it even more confusing! But the situation will be much worse when you are attempt going to the bathroom at night without any light! You can ask the university or another student in your halls for what type of light bulbs you need. And if you are planning to become nocturnal then it is best to buy a few to keep you going!

Now you have the essentials needed in your shopping list you won’t find yourself in trouble when living away from home. You can even download shopping apps to help you remember what you need to buy. With the apps you can add items onto them as you remember them and then you won’t ever forget these items!

What are other essential items that you forgot to buy at university? Let us know by commenting!

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