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The summer preparing for university

The summer preparing for university

The summer preparing for university

The summer has more to offer than working on your suntan and waiting for results day, these are the last few weeks before you start your journey towards obtaining a degree, it is the summer preparing for university, and we have some advice on how best prepare yourself for the next three years.

Clean up

You’re going to go through a lot of changes when you start in September, and a great way to accept these differences is to sort through everything you own. It is an opportunity to throw away all of those horrible old textbooks, class notes and revision sessions – goodbye exams, hello freedom! By cleaning out your room, it’ll make it easier for you to pack for university!

Learn some skills

This summer can be a window of possibility, you have the time and freedom to learn new things, start a new hobby or teach yourself a new set of skills. Even if it is mastering the Cup Song, or taking up an instrument, you’re doing something valuable with your time and the feeling of achievement will be worth it – trust us.

Social network

What better time to reinvent yourself than in the summer before term starts? Getting creative with your online presence, or just having fun with your friends by making Vines, will make the hot sunny days pass by. Another good idea is joining groups on Facebook of your university, degree or classes. Its a great moment to strike up a conversation to fellow students starting the same time as you are, and getting some of the awkwardness out of the way!


Getting a head start will help you out later, especially if you find yourself with Fresher’s Flu the first few weeks of university. So, reading up on some of the listed material and understanding a handful of the key concepts will keep your mind active – you don’t want to turn into a zombie!

Get some responsibilities

University life will be incredibly different from any experience you have had, like moving out, living on your own, paying bills and fending for yourself! Its best to start the chain reaction now, so that the first week doesn’t feel like you are stranded on a desert island! Starting a new job, or accounting for responsibilities around the house, like paying bills, or looking after the family pet, will help ease you into adulthood before you are thrown in!

Enjoy yourself

Well, it wouldn’t be a summer without having fun, right? This time is perfect for doing stupid (but safe) things with your friends, making new memories and trying out exciting activities. Use the time to find out who you are as a person, and get ready for your fresh start in the Autumn!

The summer won’t be like any you have enjoyed before, because the end of the summer is a start of something new – your university life – and it is something to get excited about. Don’t let these weeks go to waste, do something new, try something out, even if it is a bad decision in the hair department, its ones of the last chances to do it!

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