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How to Survive a Night Out at University

How to Survive a Night Out at University

How to Survive a Night Out at University

During your time studying for your degree, you will, undoubtedly, be spending lots of nights out at university, and this is our night out survival guide a guide so that that you know how to wake up for your morning lecture. From takeaways to blocking memories out, you will get up to a lot during your time out, but there are a few things you can do to guarantee the important things are sorted out and looked after.

Eat right things

If you are going to go out, whether it is the local pub, nightclub or your Student Union, eating a decent meal, with lots of carbs, either before or after you come home will help soak up the alcohol and line your stomach. It will also help you the day after as your body doesn’t have to recover from a full stomach of alcohol with no food. If you do eat beforehand, you’ll be less likely to waste money with paying out for takeaways and fast food, which is one of the most common things to do when out drinking.

Steady drinking

Drinking responsibly is heavily advised, but we all know that that may not be the case every weekend. To help protect you from that horrible hangover the next day, its best to steady your drinking throughout the night. If you find yourself always having several shots as soon as you head out, you may find you’ll become drunk quickly, but then it will wear off before everybody else, and the worst feeling in the world is feeling sober when all of your friends are clearly not.

Have a plan

One of the best things you can do is have a vague idea or plan of where you and your friends are going, what you are doing and the expectations of the night. If you go out without anything in place, trouble and unexpected events may happen. If you had some idea, you can plan slightly, or bring enough cash for a taxi home, or expect what type of night you’re having.

No mixing

When it comes to alcohol, especially during a night out, it is difficult to resist mixing your drinks, especially if the bar has a special offer or your friends are buying you shots throughout the evening. Mixing your alcohol can seem like a great idea at the time, but it may make you sick later, and sometimes, even your friends don’t want to spend the rest of the night holding your hair back!

Never wander off alone

If there is a big group of you heading out, it can be easy to lose your friends, try to stay with at least one of your friends all the time, so if something did happen then you have someone you know with you. It is safer to travel home and to drink with a friend beside you, and your more likely to not get involved in sticky situations.

Fully charged phone

This is the most important thing besides having emergency cash on you. Your phone is and will be your lifeline. You might need to call your friends if you somehow got split up from the crowd, call a taxi, or, in more serious situations, which hopefully won’t happen to you, call for an emergency assistance. Always make sure it is charged with sufficient credit available. You’ll need ways to stay safe during freshers week, and this is a very important aspect of that.

If you keep these quick tips in mind, then when you are out with friends and having a great time, everything should run smoothly, and if for some reason it doesn’t, you know how to deal with the situation and get home safely, with nothing to worry about, make sure you look out for other night out survival guides too.

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