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How to survive Fresher’s week

How to survive Fresher’s week

How to survive Fresher’s week

Fresher’s, the first week of university, will be full of events, meeting new people and nights out. You will go out during the time that you are at university, but Fresher’s week is usually full of more drinking and going out than any other time throughout the course, and it is important to stay safe. This is our survival guide.

Good Bad Food

Takeaways aren’t good for your health, but after a night of drinking, the carbohydrates in chips and pizza can help soak up the alcohol. Also, it is a good social activity after drinking, to go back to halls or to go to the local kebab van! Try to not make a habit of surviving on fast foods or you may turn into a couch potato!

Think before you drink

Consider what you will be drinking when going out, if certain spirits or wines give you a bad hangover or make you drunk quicker you should stay away from them as much as you can. You need to think about quantities as binge drinking for the entire Fresher’s week will make you feel worse the week after!

Don’t mix it up

Mixing your drinks will cause havoc on your stomach and you are more likely to feel ill from drinking a selection of drinks than sticking to one. This means sticking to spirits or beers, and not mixing them!

No-bees to freebies!

Free drinks and entries into clubs aren’t always the best idea – even if they seem too good to be true! Never accept a free drink from someone that you don’t know well, and never leave your drink alone. If you are feeling tipsy stop drinking for a while to make sure you are sober enough to make the right decisions!

‘Ave a day off

Fresher’s can last for a couple of weeks and 14 nights out isn’t the best equation with your first lectures starting shortly after. Take a few days off, or alternative between staying and going out, it will keep you in better health as well as keeping your wallet healthy!

Make plans

Plans are great, and they never have to be creative or complicated – just plain and simple. Know where you are going, whether it is off campus, or to the Student Union and let your friends know or someone who isn’t going out where you are going. Book taxis in advance so that you all have a way home.

Pick me ups the next day

There are some great hangover cures flying around, and not all of them will work for you; find your cure and it will work wonders for you during the next three years! An English Breakfast, fizzy drinks or a detox can really help you recover faster!

Fresher’s week is going to be one of the best times of your life at university, and going out will help you meet other people and relax before your course begins. It’s important to read advice on moving tips for freshers and to remember the survival tips will keep you and your new found friends safe as well as saving you money, time and days spent being hungover!

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