15 things you hate about school

We all know that education is good for us, it sets us up for life and teaches us priceless lessons about life – but that doesn’t mean we have to like it all the time. Here are the  things you hate about school.

1. When you are always wrong somehow

2. The fact that books are involved, like all the time

3. Too much homework

4. Those students who pretend they hate school when they love it

5. The fact that Ryan Gosling isn't there to support you everyday

6. All the terrible things happen there

No matter how hard you try

7. The fact if you don't pass your life is over

Like totally apparently

8. The fun things always happen during school time

9. Homework

Do we need to say it again?!

10. People who are trying to be a rebel..

Like, whatever

11. The people who always had to have attention

12. How you never seemed to be fully prepared for anything

13. All of the difficult problems always happened there

14. The bad technology in the IT rooms

15. The class clown never actually being funny

What are your top things you hate about school?