16 things people say to media studies students

Having a variety of courses available is a wonderful part of being a student, however, with this range of study there sometimes seems to be a hierarchy of certain courses being seen as more ‘important’ or valuable than others! Here are the top things people say to media studies students!

1. Was there nothing else you could do then?

2. When people don't understand what you study

3. You watch films all day right?

4. What did you fail at before?

5. You have no work to do, you study media

6. Do any of you do any work, like ever?

7. When your parents don't understand what you're studying

8. What? You have exams?

9. You won't miss anything

10. You are studying Media Studies? Are they just giving them away for free now?

11. Well it isn't worth anything is it?

12. But what can you do with media studies?

13. Media studies is really easy you are so lucky

14. Does revision mean watching an entire boxset on Netflix?

15. But what are you really going to do?

Because Media isn't a stable career?

16. You'll soon realise or grow out of this phase

Like media isn't going to be around for much longer...

What things to people say to you that annoy you about being a media studies student?