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Things you’re not going to miss about A-Levels

Things you’re not going to miss about A-Levels

Things you’re not going to miss about A-Levels

Results day is now a memory of the past and what lies ahead is your first day at university, Fresher’s and your induction lessons, filled with name tags, icebreakers and getting lost around campus. Although you had a great time during your A-Levels (probably not the exam season), here are some things you’re not going to miss about A Levels!


That time you humiliated yourself in front of the entire class

It may have taken you the two years of completing your A-Levels or try and delete that memory from your mind! You may even have tried some magic trick you learnt from Harry Potter to make yourself invisible when it happened! It could have been answering a question completely wrong, falling over at the front of the class, or call your teacher ‘mum’ or ‘dad’, whatever it was, it is definitely over now.


Embarrassing moments

You still can’t say the word ‘toilet paper’ to your friends as every time you do, they bring up that one time you came out of the bathroom with toilet hanging from your skirt and you didn’t realise until you got home! All those embarrassing moments are just going to be piled up and thrown away mentally – they’re gone!


Seeing all the people you dislike everyday

You absolutely despised Mr. Robertson’s class as he made you sit in alphabetical order and you couldn’t stand the guy that you sat next to. The bright side is, that you won’t have to watch him organise his entire pencil case every lesson now, he is far, far away!


Having to do subjects you don’t really want to do

Your form tutor kind of forced you to take Geography even though you want nothing to do with it – now, university will be full of only your decisions and you have the chance to study something you’re really passionate about! Goodbye dirty rocks and stupid mountains!


Getting things wrong

During your time at A-Levels, it may have felt that you got everything wrong, as it sometimes seems that the jump from GCSE to A-Level is quite high. However, now that you have worked hard for two years, learnt from your mistakes and understood where your strengths and weaknesses are you can transfer these into your degree and come out on top.


Whether you attended a Sixth Form or an independent College, they still had to follow certain curriculum and rules, but now that you have broken the chains you will taste sweet freedom!

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