15 different thoughts from cats at bath time

Cats are now the rulers of the internet, they’re everywhere. However, they still haven’t come to terms with their nightly routine; here are some cats at bath time and what they’re really thinking.

1. "Are we done yet?"

2. "How could you?"

3. "I'll plot my revenge..."

4. "I hope nobody sees me like this"

5. "If you tell anybody about this, we're no longer friends!"

6. "How did it get to this?"

7. "I have no fight left within me. Human: you have won"

8. "My friends didn't tell me this happened"

9. "Please, when will it stop?"

10. "This is not what I had in mind"

11. "You can wash away the dirt, but never my determination"

12. "My people will know about the cruelty that happened here tonight"

13. "You can't make me do anything!"

14. "If I don't look then it isn't really happening!"

15. "Just you wait..."