19 times spelling nearly ruined your life forever

Everybody loves and loathes technology at the same time, and no matter how great it is at performing everyday tasks, there are times when spelling nearly ruined your life forever and it makes you want to live in the woods.

1. Chocolate cookie incident

2. Oooo shirts?

3. A bit awkward

4. Still mad though!

5. Desk, eh?

6.That must have been an epic waffle

7. That tote must be pretty big

8. A strange pet

9. Glad grandma is okay!

10. Nice smell?

11. Auctioning kids seems legit though

12. When is the food ready?

13. Easter supper special

14. That china dirty?

15. Must be happy with Target?

16. A good present?

17. Must be terrible when the printer doesn't work

18. All of this is fail

19. 4 times a month!?

What occasions have spelling nearly ruined your life?