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Why you should turn up to your first lectures

Why you should turn up to your first lectures

Why you should turn up to your first lectures

The first lectures of university are usually full of ice breakers, general topics and a small discussion to get you thinking about the rest of the year, and although they don’t sound too interesting you still need to go! With Fresher’s week still sore on your liver, stomach and sleeping pattern, it can be hard to prioritise the first few weeks and even harder trying to survive your first term at university, however, here are some really good reasons why you should turn up to you first lectures!


Module outline

You’ll get a brief explanation about what you will be learning that term or even year and this is so important, because if you miss this, and only find out later on that these course or module isn’t for you and you made a mistake, it can be harder to change your mind! The longer you leave it the more difficult it will be to swap a lesson over! When you start your modules, take notice of the outline as this will break down what you will be doing each week and have important coursework deadlines too.


Idea of what it will be like

Each module, class and course is completely different, and you may find yourself sitting inside a lecture hall, classroom or a part of a tutorial session – all of these require different attention spans and different coping mechanisms for learning. When you start your course, it may take a while to get use to the different learning styles and to adapt to them efficiently.


Reading and assignments given

There are reasons why your teacher gives you a reading list; they help you throughout the course and can sit adjacent to coursework deadlines and assignments – they’re not given out to be difficult! If you are given a reading list at the beginning of the course, you’ll have a better chance getting copies from the library or staying ahead of your studies.


Prepare for the rest of the course

The first few lectures will be a tasting session, similarly to a tester for what the rest of the course is going to be like. University will be so different from what you have done before and it is important you survive the transition. The first classes are the easiest, and if you miss them, you’ll miss the vital foundations set up for you.


Understand how much work is to be put in

Your teacher will explain what is expected of you and of the course – and this is definitely something you need to listen to! You need to be able to dedicate time to your independent studies and understand what goal you are working towards during each module, term and year at university. However, if you don’t even turn up on day one, what can you expect!? You need to take your lectures seriously, otherwise you won’t know how to get the best out of your lectures.


Get a good seat

It may seem silly but even university students become set in their ways, or somehow make up their own seating plan! You will get a bad seat, like next to the door, next to somebody annoying or right in front of the lecturer if you miss the opportunity of choosing a better one!


Start mingling with your new classmates

Students begin talking as soon as they meet other people, and the induction lessons are full of wonderful ice breakers and moments where you start to form friendships and certain ‘circles’. Missing out on these moments can make it a bit difficult later on when you are trying to establish yourself a part of a group or the class.


Any important information

This information could be related to how you hand in assignments, where the classes will be situated or even what you absolutely have to bring with you each lesson – and choosing an extra shot of Sambuca over the first lecture isn’t the smartest idea a student has had! Lecturer’s like to get the important and boring bits out of the way so they can concentrate on the rest of the course, and you might just miss out on this, this will help you to understand how to handle your first university term.


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