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The types of friends you’ll need throughout university

The types of friends you’ll need throughout university

The types of friends you’ll need throughout university

When students start their degree and their journey into higher education, one of the main sources of support will come from their friendship circle and the relationships that they will create, gain and develop throughout the three years. University will be tough on an array of areas for the majority of undergraduates, and here are the types of friends you’ll need throughout university, to keep you sane and to help you pass! Don’t worry, there are also plenty of guides that will show you how to make friends during freshers week.

You felt like you’ve known each other forever

Even if you met your new friend during Fresher’s Week, the first term or moving day at Halls, no time is too little for you two – you feel like you have known each other for years. Really special and worthwhile friendships will last for decades, and you can find pure and decent friends during your time studying, and when you have found them, you’ll know straight away, because it will be like you were meant to be best buds; trust us.

The one that has got your back

Whether you need an urgent study buddy, a wing man, or someone to fight your corner, everyone needs that one friend that has got your back – no matter the consequences or reasons – they’ll be there. Loyalty and trust are hard to find within friendships, but when you have that you are always aware that your corner will always be fought, and that you’re not alone.

The one reaching for the stars

Ambition and aspiration are hard to come by; especially when you are undergoing months or learning, studying and revising towards a specific career or job. However, once you have that ambitious and hardworking friend to help push you in all the right directions, you’ll begin to learn their tricks, copy their work ethic and admire their ability to keep striving on, throughout the hardest times. University is a taster of what is to come later in life, and your chance to learn the skills needed for your dream job, and having a reliable and hardworking person in your life, will only mean good things!

The responsible one

Now, being a student isn’t as easy as it seems, there are bills to pay, coursework to write and the constant distraction or young life, which could be takeaways, student deals, sleeping, or even going out with friends down the SU. Having a responsible friend in your circle will help to keep you on the right side of tracks and steer you in the good direction. Everyone needs to let their hair down once in a while, but with exam seasons coming up, and that deadline approaching, your responsible friend will do the necessary nagging and hinting to get you the grades you want.

The party

When it is the time to go out and relax, you’re going to need your friend that knows all the latest drinking games, hot spots and to have the most fun with! Student life will have nights of drinking and going out, and what better way to spend it than with the friend that will be with you every step of the way!

Networking socialite

University is full of networking possibilities, these people that you live, learn and study with are learning tools and skills that will aid them in their career, and some of them, after their degree, will go on to do wonderful things in their working sector – and you use to live next door to them! Your friend who is tech-savvy and understands how to create a LinkedIn profile and has more followers on Twitter than who they’re following is the one to keep with you! They can help you set everything up, because, they’re probably faster at it than you are!

The one that always knows the latest goings on

Student life is full of events, gossip and the latest trends, and to keep up to date with the happenings on campus, you’ll only need your great friend that seems to always have their ear to the ground! They will even know about latest Student Union changes, the best societies to sign up to, and any updates on your course newsletter that you seemed to miss! Stay in the loop with your friend that always seems to know what is going on around university!

Your friends are going to keep you strong, hardworking, fun and ambitious during university, and most importantly, sane and these are the types of friends that you need from university! You can’t get through the three years without a great friendship circle. Who can’t you imagine university without? Let us know below!

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