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Types of support at University

Types of support at University

Types of support at University

University is a big milestone in life and at times can prove difficult, however there is lots of support at university, from finance to learning how to write an essay which will make all of the difference to your studying life.


If you speak to your personal tutor they will be able to pass you on to the right department to speak to a counsellor. Don’t worry, counselling isn’t for worst sufferers! It is there for every single student that needs someone to speak to, whether it is about coursework deadlines, financial worry, family issues or even being anxious about fitting in with your new housemates. Don’t keep it bottled up and remember, a problem shared is a problem halved!

Student Finance

Every university will have a Funding/Finance department, and each will have a different goal. Student Funding is for students paying their tuition loans and this is the department you need to speak to if you are worried about being able to pay for your next semester or anything related to that. Student Finance departments at universities are for students who are having trouble with their finances, whether it is library fees, travelling, or stationary. You can speak to an advisor to ask for advice about budgeting or if your money situation is affecting your university work.

Student Union

Every university has a student union. Yes, we know what you’re thinking – cheap drinks! However, there is usually a member of staff part of the Student Union that is there to help you through nearly every aspect of your university life. If you have debts, they can help you consolidate them, if you

Study Skills

This area is to help you understand how to structure an essay, how to reference and why it is so different from any other academic essays you have written before. There may even be workshops and one-to-one sessions available. Contact the department or check on the events and workshops hosted by your university to see what they have to offer.

Disability and Dyslexia

If you have a disability or a learning difficulty like Dyslexia, your university will be able to provide support. Whether it is changing your timetable or classes to fit around your needs, helping you to apply for Disability Grant from Student Finance and the government, or helping you understand your learning difficulty and get the best out of your learning.


Some universities, depending on their courses and speciality, may be able to loan out equipment to students if they’re unable to pay for it themselves. For example, cameras for photography or filmmakers. This is so you are able to still complete your assignments and practice your skill for your modules. Quite helpful, isn’t it?

Careers and After University

This service is for any student attending the university or has recently graduated. They offer one-to-one sessions for career advice and practice interview questions. Graduates are also involved, but the university may have a separate club, group, or department to help these students. Universities generally don’t have a department of career advice for prospective students, but the teachers and staff involved  on Open Days will be able to answer some of your questions and offer advice.

Now that you know some of the support at your university, go check them out and learn about how to apply for help and when. This is good practice for if something does happen and you need help you know who to contact, when, and how long it will be before you can receive support.

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