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The types of teachers you get at university

The types of teachers you get at university

The types of teachers you get at university

You may be anxious about what types of teachers you get at university. Higher Education is full of all kinds of different people and this still applies to your teachers and tutors! They won’t all be like your old school teachers! Here are some you might get throughout your time studying…

The boring one

This is the teacher that has that voice that just sends you to sleep! You will need an extra shot in your coffee to stay awake during this lesson.

The nerdy one

This teacher is extremely knowledgeable in their field (All of them are!) but the type of knowledge that just knocks you off your feet. You will never catch them out. Trust us.

The passionate one

An amazing teacher is a passionate one! A teacher that shows how excited they are about a subject will get you interested too!

The old school one

You might get the teacher that is older than you and your friends put together? Remember to speak up! You will learn lots of wise knowledge from this one!

The nice one

The teacher that is just extremely nice, someone who you wouldn’t mind having to walk past at night!

The horrible one

Obviously, we can’t have a nice teacher and not tell you about the not-so-nice ones? You can get the odd teacher that will refuse to reply to any emails outside class or locks the classroom door at 1 minute past. Beware.

The harsh one

This is the teacher that will shoot you down in class. Make sure you stay awake as they will try to catch you out!

The extremely helpful one

A great teacher cares about their students and just wants them to do well. A teacher that is willing to make one-to-one appointments to discuss your grade and help you with every step of the way is definitely one to cherish!

There will always be teachers that you may find annoying at university. What types of teachers or lecturers did you have at university? What one out of the above list are you excited about meeting?

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