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UCAS Deadlines 2017

UCAS Deadlines 2017

UCAS Deadlines 2017

Important UCAS and application dates for prospective students are hoping to apply to university during this academic year. Now that Christmas break is officially over, many students should be concentrating on perfecting their 2017 UCAS application for the deadline on 15th January.

January 15th 2017

The January deadline is for most undergraduate degree course applications, and this is the final time you can send your application without having to wait until Clearing or the summer. Ensure that you set yourself a deadline of a few days before to guarantee you complete it in time. Also, those extra few days give you the opportunity to get friends, family and teachers to read through your sections and check your work.

February 25th 

UCAS Extra opens in early February which gives students who haven’t received any offers the chance to apply.

June 30th

In May students should have had their offers from their chosen university(ies). However, many students do not realise that they too have a deadline of when they have to reply or make a decision about the offers they received. Students need to choose what university is their first choice and respond to all offers.

If students received all of their offers by 31st March 2017 then they will have until the 30th June to respond. Whereas if students received all decisions from universities by 5th May, the deadline to respond will be 8th June. However, if students received all of their offers by 8th June they will have to respond by 23rd June.

Although all of the above dates seem short, there is time to think about the different options available and to ensure students make the right decision for them. Take the time to guarantee you don’t have any regrets regarding your firm and insurance choices.

Any applications made after this date will be included into Clearing which opens on A Level results day. Students who have changed their mind, received different results than originally expected/predicted or have only just decided to go to university can apply through Clearing and Adjustment.

July 4th

The deadline to apply through UCAS Extra which is available for students who have not received any offers, or changed their mind. Similarly to the original UCAS January deadline, allow yourself extra time by setting yourself a personal deadline ahead of this date.

August 18th

A Level results day in England, where Clearing and Adjustment opens for registration.

August 31st

If students are re-sitting exams or waiting for qualifications or remarks then the results need to get to the university by the end of August. These are the conditions that they set you within their offers, if these are not met by this date the college or university might not accept you. This is also the date when Adjustment closes/ends.

September 20th

The final deadline for 2017 entry through Clearing. If students wish to go to university starting in Autumn 2017 have to complete their application and contact the universities by today – applications must arrive at UCAS by 6pm UK time.

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