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UCAS Track 2015 Deadlines

UCAS Track 2015 Deadlines

UCAS Track 2015 Deadlines

An annoying part of the application process to university is waiting to see if you’re going to university this year or not. However, there are still deadlines that you need to become aware of and write in your diary. Here are all the UCAS Track deadlines you need to know about.

Firstly, UCAS Track is the system by UCAS which is after you have applied for university. This section is when students are waiting for offers or responses from institutions. On UCAS Track you are able to check what universities you have applied for, your responses and deadlines for when you have to reply.

UCAS Deadllines for May 2015

If you received a response from all of your universities or colleges already (by March 31st) then you have to reply to these offers by the 6th May or your places will automatically be declined.

If you haven’t received a response or an offer from an institution by the 7th May then your application was unsuccessful. We advise looking on the 8th to save you refreshing the page every 5 seconds on the 7th.

UCAS Deadlines for June 2015

If students have received all of their responses by the 7th May then they need to respond to them by the 4th June. for students who receive an offer(s) by the 4th June have until the 25th June to respond – these two dates are excluding UCAS Extra which is slightly different.

Students are still able to apply to university until June 30th at 6pm. An hour, minute or even second after this time means your application will go through Clearing instead – make sure you give yourself enough time. Students are able to apply until June 30th through UCAS. If you do apply on or before the 30th June, universities or colleges will respond by the 16th July, if you do not receive a response that means your application was unsuccessful.

UCAS deadlines for July 2015

July 2nd is the deadline for UCAS Extra.

If you receive all of your offers by July 16th you have until the 23rd July  to respond or it will be automatically declined, this includes applications via UCAS Extra.

Clearing Deadlines 2015

Clearing begins in Scotland, on the 4th August, and the rest of the United Kingdom on the 13th August. This includes UCAS Adjustment as well.

After you receive your results

Once you have received your GCE and A-Level results on 13th August, students have until the 31st August to meet all the requirements to be accepted onto their course – these requirements would be set by universities who offer students a conditional offer. Conditional offers usually include obtaining specefic grades or work experience, it changes with each institution.

September UCAS deadlines 2015

The deadlines in September – which can seem really far away – are generally connected to Clearing or Adjustment. Students have until the 21st September to apply for any courses starting in 2015, and Clearing and Adjustment searches close on the 30th September. Students are still able to add Clearing choices onto their application on UCAS Track, but unable to contact universities or colleges to speak with them first.

The last deadline for degree courses starting in 2015 is October 21st where after this date, students aren’t able to add any more choices onto their UCAS Track and universities or colleges will contact them regarding a place.

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