Exam season survival guide

All the information that you’ll ever need to know is right here, this is the exam season survival guide that we all should read before starting our revision. If you follow it closely then revising will fly by before you can say candidate number.

1. Eat regularly to keep blood sugars level

2. Get enough sleep and take power naps

3. Drink enough water to keep you hydrated

4. Take regular breaks to stimulate your mind

5. Then tell someone else all that you have learnt

6. Don't lie to yourself about revising

7. And don't do anything stupid just to not revise

8. Don't get angry at the people around you

9. Only stop revising if it's necessary

10. Don't blame other things for procrastination

11. And don't let yourself get too isolated...

12. Stay motivated!

13. Oh, actually revise

14. And try to have fun doing it!

What are your ultimate tips to survive exam season? Let us know below!