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The Ultimate Revision Guide

The Ultimate Revision Guide

The Ultimate Revision Guide

It’s that time again where the dates of the exams are creeping closer, and the start of the year seemed a million years ago, so it’s handy to have exam revision tips, as this may help you to maintain a higher grade.  But with the end of the year approaching you need to pencil that revision in, and we have the best apps that make studying easier, allowing you to revise while you are on the go! So without further ado, here is our ultimate revision guide.

Taking time to do it

Set time aside. This is the first and most important rule for revision. You are not going to learn everything in an hour, you should dedicate enough time to each subject. If you find some subjects tricky or difficult try to set more time aside to feel more confident.

Enough time to prepare

You need to be realistic about how long you need to revise, you’re aren’t going to remember all of your subjects ten days before your tests. If you start revision a decent time before your tests, you can have a slow and steady progression and not stress about the exams coming around the corner.


When revising make sure to keep hydrated with water and tea. Don’t have too many sugary drinks as they aren’t too good for your blood sugar, concentration and brain function.

Study sessions

When you do sit down to study, be strict with yourself and make sure you do the time. You can also do study sessions with your friends, even if you do or don’t take the same subjects. If you take the same lesson you can help each other with anything you are unsure about, or if you take different subjects you can test each other.

Online resources

Exam boards, like AQA, WJEC and Pearson had past exam papers for many years on their website. They also have the marking scheme, so you could get a family member or friend to mark them and see how you are doing.

Teachers resources

Ask your teachers for help and support on your revision. They can let you know what areas you need to work on and where you need to do the most work. They have known you for years and know what your strengths and weaknesses are!


When you are doing revision, it is great idea to put subjects and whole themes into one page so they are easier to digest. Using colours and fonts for specific areas are a great way for your brain to associate them.

How you learn best

Revise the best way that you learn, and the techniques that you are most comfortable and confident with. Whether it is mindmaps, repetition, tests or reading through your notes. Choose the best solution and stick to it!


Making subjects tests are a great way of repetition to prepare yourself for the real thing, as well as being able to actually see your progression through revising.

Revising can be a mundane task and seem daunting because your exams are sooner than you think, but its okay! If you put the time aside and sit down to revise, all of your hard work will pay off to get the grades that you want.

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