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More to university than in the classroom

More to university than in the classroom

More to university than in the classroom

There is more to university than attending lectures, getting student discounts and seeing your bank account with a happy face the day student loans appear. There will be plenty of opportunities for life lessons to be learned at university. Attending university and/or moving away to a new city will open more opportunities for you than just obtaining a degree. Most universities are based in cities where there is so much to offer and we have found some great ideas to help with your studies and subject area over the next three to four years.


Exhibitions are great and are generally focused specifically on one thing, person, time period or idea. Whether you are writing coursework on the Apartheid or choosing to make a film costume for your final piece there is always something to spark your imagination. National newspapers, like The Guardian and The Telegraph, will cover the current exhibitions being held and you can check your local museums. London has so much to offer with the Victoria and Albert Museum, The Barbican, National History Museum, and websites such as The Londonist and Time Out. It is best to check regularly as exhibitions are always on the go and you don’t want to miss out!


The big ones such as The Science Museum and The National History Museum are a given, but there are so much smaller and interesting museums just waiting for you to walk through the door. In London especially, there are roads and streets that are walked down every day without noticing what hides inside. For example, the Petrie Museum by Euston Square focuses on Egyptian Archaeology and you wouldn’t even know it was there! It holds William Petrie’s and Amelia Edwards personal collection of Egyptian artefacts, from a sarcophagus to linen that is from 5000 BC.

Charities and Institutions

There are lots of companies and charities that are dedicated to certain fields. In particular, there is the ICA (The Institute of Contemporary Arts) that look at all aspects of the arts, from films to paintings and hold exhibitions, events and films to keep you interested. Some institutions may charge a membership fee but it is a good idea to talk to your subject leader as some companies offer discounts or free memberships to students who are studying in the same field. You know you will be in good hands as they are as passionate about the field as you are.


Yes, talks with educators, famous faces or passionate people in your field can be very interesting and rewarding. Whether it is a low-budget filmmaker or an author at your local bookstore there will be topics discussed that will keep your ideas flowing. Check the news for local coffee shops, bookstores and around your area to see what is going on and with who!


This app holds all the places and what is going on near you. You can look up bars to museums and then check out their websites to see if anything interesting is going on! There are also reviews from real people so you are guaranteed a good time. This saves a lot of time looking online to for a great exhibition or event to find that it is 254 miles away!

Your university

When you are walking around university are you paying attention to all of the flyers, posters and information displayed? There are lots of societies and groups who are full of like minded people and interesting discussion so makes a point to see what is going on under your nose. The Student Union is always full of interesting people and helping the societies get to their full potential.


Each university will have hundreds of societies, from the Harry Potter Society to the Pancake-making Society, and this means that there must be one for you. Check out the university website where they will list the societies they have, or ask your fellow students on your course. Word travels fast and a really great society will definitely be heard of on Campus. If you have a passion there is a society for it.

Your email

Sign up to newsletters from theatres, museums and your university so you don’t miss on a great opportunity. Maybe your school of arts is hosting a talk from a BBC Broadcast Journalist and you are taking a journalism degree? How will you know if you aren’t on the mailing list? Spam emails can be annoying and tiresome but you only need to look through the email once and if nothing interests you then you can send it to the bin!

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