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How university is different to college

How university is different to college

How university is different to college

Most university students go straight into higher education from sixth form and college, but they rather heavily rely on or forget university is different to college, however, there will be a few things that you won’t miss about A Levels. We have the biggest changes you will face to keep you prepared for when that time comes. Good and bad!

Morning lectures

Are you commuting to classes now? Even if you travel over an hour to attend college or sixth form in the morning, this will be so much harder at university level, especially if you live on campus! It doesn’t matter if you are an early-riser when it comes to university the morning seems to make everything worse.

It’s all on you

It may feel that you are an independent adult whilst taking your A-Levels but this will be put to the test when you start your degree. From paying bills, overdrafts, budgeting, managing deadlines and stabilising friendships, these responsibilities are just the start and more will get piled onto you. There is support at university and your circle of friends and loved ones will keep you on the right path, but university life is a test!


You may have referenced slightly whilst studying, but when it comes to degree level it is considerably different! Referencing wrong, or forgetting to cite where you got a quote from can get you accused of plagiarism! This is bad! Make sure you attend university workshops or make a note to ask your tutor and lecturers how to reference correctly, to avoid losing those marks or worse!

Being with people

This may seem strange, but most students aren’t used to staying ‘at’ university, and it can be a big change to get used to. Living with randomly selected students will mean there will be at least one person who you don’t like, and this can be hard to deal with! Remember, to give yourself alone time to unwind after a hard week of studying and a hard weekend of partying. Don’t tell the whole world how you really dislike this one person as word travels fast and you don’t want it to escalate!

They don’t care but you have to

Teachers, lecturers and tutors are not going to keep tabs on you like they may have done during college or sixth form. Universities hold a larger amount of students and if you don’t turn up to lectures you won’t get scolded as you did before. You will need to attend a certain percentage of classes to pass the module, but other than that, you will just be another absent to them.

Make sure you care enough to attend and do the work. Remember, you are the one paying for this, no one else is, so it pays to care.


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