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Why your university experience needs to be enjoyable to be worth it

Why your university experience needs to be enjoyable to be worth it

Why your university experience needs to be enjoyable to be worth it

Rule number one: Your university experience needs to be enjoyable to be worth it; trust us. You can attend university, work hard for three to four years and nearly drive yourself crazy and come out with a decent degree. However, that can build up resentment, issues with stress or affect your health. Even though university is important and expensive, it is still a part of your life like any other that you have and will accomplish. Which means you need to address it in a realistic way and not let it overwhelm you!

The skills you’ll gather at university are important and we don’t doubt that, however, you’ll find that university has more to offer than the degree classification listed on your certificate. You’ll find yourself learning more about life, paying bills, accepting responsibilities, juggling priorities, and most importantly yourself! You should teach yourself how to study and work but also allow yourself winding down time and relax! We all know you work hard so learn to give yourself a break! These skills will be needed later in life – nobody can expect you to work hard for every waking minute until your last days! Especially when you are in the middle of your career – you can’t allow stress to take over, so you should understand how to balance work and play now whilst at university, this is another thing that people wish that they’d known when they were freshers.

Universities have societies, activities, and events throughout the year to help offer students more than their scheduled timetables and you should definitely be caring about societies. You should try to attend some of these as they can be educational in your degree, career path or general life. Why not take up an art society to go alongside you Art Management course? Not only will it help to break up the lessons and coursework but will look fantastic on your degree!

Each student has a separate reason for applying and attending university but you’ll find that each one needs to be satisfied. If your reason is to gain experience in your field, learn something new, or delve deeper into a passion then make sure you try your best to make this happen! You don’t want to leave university feeling unsatisfied it will affect your whole feeling towards it!

University is like nothing else you have had before, there is much more freedom, but also guidance and opportunities to expand your skills and networking. These can be mixed together to make an enjoyable experience. One day you might find your old drinking buddy interviewing you for a job!

Each student is different and can gain satisfaction from varying activities. if you love learning than spending extra time on that coursework or project will make you feel good. If you love meeting new people then getting involved in that society will help you interact with others. Or if you really love Harry Potter then that Quidditch society will aid you to relieve stress and have fun whilst studying. Each experience is completely different so don’t worry about comparing your university lifestyle to someone else’s!

To guarantee a ‘successful’ university experience is to ensure that you have done what you wanted to do – whether receive a good grade, learn something new, or to push yourself outside your comfort zone – and leave satisfied. You need to enjoy your experience and leave without doing more regrets than great memories.

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