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What does university offer you

What does university offer you

What does university offer you

Even though the opportunity of Higher Education and studying at university seems like a million miles away, you should start to think about what does university offer you, and if it is something that should be a part of your journey through life. University isn’t for everyone, however, it does have so much to give each and every individual and here are a few things that university will have on it’s menu.

Firstly, the people that you’ll spend three to four years with will make the entire journey worth it. A lot of undergraduates make friends during Freshers and their first year that will stay with them forever. The great thing about studying a degree is that universities have so many students – so much more than you have been used to – that you’re bound to make a decent group of friends. You’ll bond over the same interests, hobbies and perspectives on life and these bonds will grow stronger as you all go through the same experiences at university. There, of course, will be some people you don’t get on with, or have confrontations with, but if that does happen just remember that after you have your special piece of paper you don’t have to see them ever again!

The majority of undergraduates have never studied a degree before and are between the ages of 17 and 21 – you’re all in the same boat! The new and exciting things you’re going to come across will happen whilst at university, like paying bills, living away from home and even some ‘out-of-the-box’ things like going hot air ballooning! Another wonderful thing about you deciding to continue in education is that no two universities are the same, just like no two student’s journey’s are the same.

Gone are the days when you had to sit through hours of lessons which you hated at Sixth Form or College; no more boring hours where you tried to keep yourself awake! At university you choose your degree, what modules and classes you take and what coursework question you want to work on – it is all up to you. This is the chance to really study something that peaks your interest and gets you excited about learning!

You may have never started knitting, been to a nightclub or played a drinking game and university can offer experiences that you’ve never done before. Try anything you want to do and do as many things as you can, especially if they’re written on your bucket list! University is a fantastic time to try out new things and find out who you are as a person.

Universities have societies, activities and the student union. The groups are made up of students and run by students so you’ll always be in safe hands and know that you all have the same goal in mind. From the Harry Potter Society to the Poetry Society – there will definitely be something that catches your eye and you could spend the next three years being a part of something you never thought you would be! Check out the societies and groups that your potential university has to see if anything interests you. It is great how university has more to offer than a degree!

Most undergraduate students live at Halls or the university’s accommodation, and it will be the first time they have moved away from home or lived on their own – and this sense of newfound freedom will be unforgettable. You no longer have anybody nagging you about your dirty washing on the floor, or to tell you that your shirt needs ironing! (Although, when you go back home during reading weeks or for holidays, you might find that your parents go into ‘over-the-top-mode’ with these type of things). The sense of freedom will be one of your favourite things about university.

Although it may not be as fun as first to wash your own underwear and to remember to buy milk on the way home from class, but ‘growing up’ at university is a good transition to go through. When you finish studying your degree you’ll be thrown into the big, wide world and be considered an adult! And when this time does eventually arrive (trust us, it definitely comes around no matter how much you don’t want it to!) all of this growing up that you do now will help later on.

Responsibility comes naturally hand-in-hand with university, because it is now up to you to pay your bills on time, make sure you don’t spend too much, attend your lectures and to actually study for your deadlines – unfortunately, nobody is there to hold your hand or guide you step by step throughout the process. The new found responsibility will be hard to master, and there will most certainly be times when you forget about a direct debit or sleep in during a lecture, but that is all a part of growing up and becoming an adult.

University is also like a big opportunity for you to try out all of these new things and to explore yourself as a person. This can happen during social events, studying or just trying on a new outfit, it is your chance to find out who you are as a person and to become proud of that person which you become. It depends on what you want to study and the reasons behind it, but what university has to offer can be a neverending list, so why don’t you start the journey?

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