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University: It’s personal to a degree

University: It’s personal to a degree

University: It’s personal to a degree

The experience you’re going to have at university will be like no other. It could be the first opportunity for you to move out and away, or live independently, or study something that you’re completely and utterly passionate about, the possibilities never end.

It doesn’t matter that you might be the 35,679th person to sit in that classroom and to study that same material as every student before and after you has and will do. It won’t mean a thing that you’re halls of residence has been standing for 100 years. It’s fine that your university hosts the same traditions it did when they first opened. All of that history will become a part of your journey but it won’t define yours. Your friends can go to close or far away universities, or even live in the same dorm, but you can feel that you’re in an entirely different world. Your student life is just like a thumbprint – one-of-a-kind!

One of the best things about becoming a student is the possibility of making up your own routine and your own set of rules. You decide when to wake up in the morning, what lectures to attend and what to do in your spare time. You have the chance to join a selection of life-changing and exciting societies, as well as gain experience in a specific career field.

It is completely true when they say university is a learning experience – but it doesn’t only happen at the library (okay, most of the time it is in the library, especially during exam season!). You’ll make mistakes because you didn’t pay that bill on time, have to borrow money from friends or family, or not put enough effort into that essay and receive a bad mark. The university experience is like a big taster of adult life. Even though all of your decisions do matter, and you can fail your degree, get into debt, or ruin relationships and your health by continuously making bad choices, it is a little bit different to the ‘outside world’. University seems to give you second chances; you get another deadline for a chance to get a good mark, not have to worry about student loans and concentrate on your own finances, and can receive support from the university about personal issues. The life as a graduate is not always that simple!

When making your decision on what university to spend three years at, or what course to gain a qualification in, don’t let anyone else cloud your judgment or try to make the decision for you. Your experience at university is just for you, and if you let someone else taint that then you won’t enjoy your time as a student. You’re going to live with the consequences, not the individual who makes the choice for you.

So, if you want to take that puppetry course, or join that Harry Potter Society then do it with your head held high. Even if you move away from the majority of your family and friends, you get to meet thousands of other great people from the first day of term.

Even though thousands of students attend university every year, no two experiences will ever be the same; and that’s why it is so special. University; it’s personal to a degree – and if you pardon the soppy pun, you will get to experience it too.

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