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How to wake up for your morning lecture

How to wake up for your morning lecture

How to wake up for your morning lecture

Unfortunately, at university you can’t pick and choose when your lectures are, so, even if you are a night-time person you will probably get a 9AM lecture at some point, and this is how to wake up for your morning lecture.

Decent bedtime

If you do have a morning lecture, it isn’t best to fall asleep when the birds are singing. Managing to get a good night of sleep will put you in a better position to wake up in the morning and to gain more from your lecture or seminar.

Give yourself enough time to get up

Even if you are living at Halls and the university is on your doorstep, you won’t be able to roll into the lecture hall, no matter how hard you try. Giving yourself at least an hour to wake up properly, and preparing yourself for lesson will put you in a better mindset for the rest of the day. If you rise just to attend class, you won’t be ready for learning!

Healthy breakfast

Eating a decent meal when you first get up will set you up for the day ahead, including waking up your mind and body. Nothing is more annoying than stomach rumbling in the middle of class! And all you will be thinking about is when you can grab food – not the theory your lecturer is explaining to you.


For some people, waking up early is a difficulty, and if this is the case you should install lots of alarms on your phone, so you don’t fall back asleep. A good way to make you get up when you wake up is to place your phone or alarm clock on the other side of the room or your bathroom, forcing you to physically get up to turn it off!

The previous night

You shouldn’t let the SU’s 3 for 1 drink offer on a Tuesday night if you have a morning lecture on Wednesday, how tempting this offer is, it won’t help you the next day in class! Knowing your schedule and what you should be doing can help you plan when to go out and your free time during the week, whereas, winging it won’t help!

The university won’t accommodate for your lay-ins when studying for your degree, and the more lectures you miss, the more core material you are missing out on, and it may not feel all that worth it when you receive your end results!

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