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Weird and wonderful university traditions – best in the UK!

Weird and wonderful university traditions – best in the UK!

Weird and wonderful university traditions – best in the UK!

University has more to offer than a degree and referencing, and before you start your journey at what is going now be, ‘your’ university, you should research the traditions and history behind it, because now you are a part of it! Find some of the best, weird and wonderful university traditions below.

The Half naked half hour!

At Worcester College in Oxford, they use to host a half naked half hour, where students in the college library would have to remove items of clothing between 3 pm and 4 pm every Wednesday! However, it is now banned from the staff of the college, stressing it is too ‘inappropriate’…

Raising the roof at Freshers!

St. Andrews in Scotland, hosts a Raisin Weekend to celebrate friendships and particularly involved Freshers. Second and third-year students act as chaperones and parents for the Fresher’s during this time in November, and the rules start to get quite confusing! An older student acts as your mother, hosts a Raisin Tea Party and provides you with a Raisin Necklace, whilst another student, acting as your father, gives you a ‘receipt’ item for a bottle of wine, and freshers then have to hold onto this items, whilst in a giant foam fight.

Holding hands at Cambridge!

At Cambridge University every graduand during their graduation ceremony must be presented to the vice-chancellor by their college’s preselector. They’ll do this four at a time, and each holds one of the preselector fingers as they are then somehow “towed” towards the vice-chancellor. Nice?!

Formal at Durham University

At Durham, student has to attend ‘Formal’ which is a dinner, made up of three courses, long tables and the College Master sitting at the top with the other tutors. Students will find themselves wearing long bat-like gowns over their clothing, and probably, more than one knife and fork on each side!


Whatever your university’s traditions are, you should get involved, as you’ll be doing what students nearly hundreds of years have been doing before you! Check out the societies and clubs as some of them have been going on for years! University traditions can be fun, exciting and completely odd!

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