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Weird Things that Happened at University

Weird Things that Happened at University

Weird Things that Happened at University

If you are thinking about attending university, you may feel that you have done all the research, read up on all the details and even attended a University Open Day, however, there are some weird things that happened at university, more specifically universities around the world, that you had no idea about!

Unusual areas of university research

So, if you are thinking about becoming a Doctor, a Theorist or wanting to conduct research in an area of particular interest, bear in mind, nothing is off the table! There are some weird and unusual areas of research that PhD students are deciding to focus their research on, for example, Dr. Tanya Bunsell from St. Mary’s University College, is focusing on Female Bodybuilding, Dr. Rachela Colosi, from the University of Lincoln is directing her research at Lapdancing, and Dr. Matt Lodder, from the University of Essex, has tattoos…

Furry Friends

Bath Spa University, set up a petting zoo this year outside the university library, and argues that petting animals and feeding goats will help relieve stress about studying! Other universities, such as University of Leicester and the University of Canberra,  have also tried animals and petting zoos, however, this may cause concern with animal rights with this matter. However, across the water in the United States, a bear at a university petting zoo, bit a student in May – so this may ward off the universities in the United Kingdom for a while!

Weird and wonderful modules

If you are a fan of Twilight or Dracula then, Dr. Sam George’s module at the University of Hertfordshire, ‘Reading the Vampire’ might be of interest to you! Think of it, being able to read into hundreds of years of history and see where the folklore and the terror of these bloodsuckers began!

University of Leicester

This university deserves its own entire section! The University of Leicester considers mental well-being a top priority during exam season and has planned some – which others may think extreme – measures to ensure students are in the best mindset when they sit down to take their exams. Firstly, the Student Union is going to install ‘‘bubble wrap stations’’ where, if students are feeling stressed out, can relax by popping the bubbles at the station. There is also going to a supply of free cups of tea! (Now that may be a bad idea, due to students constantly needing to go to use the bathroom during a 3-hour exam!)

Now, if you thought you university course was a bit wacky (Creative writing and German!) or you might find your housemates a tad odd, but we’re sure your experience won’t be as weird as these!

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