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What does your degree say about you?

What does your degree say about you?

What does your degree say about you?

Have you ever wondered what your degree says about you, your personality or even your career ambitions? Students who meet their peers on courses or around campus always seem to ask “What degree are you studying?” and you can tell that they are now instantaneously judging you and your degree. Although all degrees should be viewed as equal, sometimes this is not the case, however, some degrees just seem to have those connotations attached to them. Here are the most popular degrees and what people think when you tell them what you are studying, which is obviously completely false, well most of the time.

English Literature

Hipsters, glasses and cardigans come to mind when you think of an English Literature student. People also suspect that they have never had a drink before, or that they choose to read a book over a student night out. It is rumoured that student loans are spent within the first month mostly due to the amount of times you have been in that coffee shop uploading pictures of your non-fat, skimmed milk, with an extra shot cappuccino onto Instagram, with the description including an obscure quote from a 18th century writer that nobody else is aware of.


People may often ask when you are going to study something that can ‘take you places’ as well asking, ‘so you want to be prime minister then?’ Politics students are always up for a debate and will usually start one over the left over milk in the communal kitchen, and then artistically divert the conversation onto the current standard of the poverty line and the minimum wage for those who are under the age of 18. Nobody enjoys living with a politics students during the general election.


The smarty-pants within the group that has to answer simple questions in the most complicated ways. They usually tell science-based jokes that you never understand, and talk about the experiments that they would love to do around the dorm. Other students enjoy their company when they need someone smart around, but also hate it because there seems to be a lack of common sense within the intelligent minds.


Those who study chemistry seem to convince others that they didn’t choose the subject, it chose them, as if they are Harry Potter in Hogwarts with his ability to speak Parcel tongue (the ability to speak with/to snakes, serpents and the like) the atoms somehow found their way into their ability. Chemistry students also like to be exact in all areas of their life, including how much red bull to mix with vodka, or how much shampoo to use in the shower.

Film Studies

Nobody expects film students to complete a lot of work – they just watch films all day, right? – including the film students themselves. All film students want to be a director or some other film industry expert in Hollywood and living in Los Angeles, or they are the complete opposite and hate the ‘mainstream’ releases and wish to work within the independent industry. Film students seem to know every single film ever made and who directed it, and what time it was released in every single country, like seriously, how do they do that?


Students of medicine like a drink, and it is a purely survival instinct to get them through the many hours of university, studying and assignments which seem to make the rest of the degrees seem like nursery level. These students also need the alcohol to come to the terms with the fact that they will be still studying after we have all left and secured a graduate job in a career sector completely disconnected to the degree we obtained.


Students of dentistry are the realistically intelligent ones that nobody seems to believe. Dentists earn a huge amount of wonga for pretty icky work – spending all day looking into people’s mouths. Although the degree isn’t a walk in the park, these students calculated the math and realised we will always need dentists and will therefore, always have a job.


The crazy, over-dramatic and emotional students. People tend to tell them that they just love being the centre of attention, and no matter how you react to any situation you are still being ‘over dramatic’. Although they are fun to be around, and they never seem to get bogged down. Ever.

Media Studies

Media students are those people who didn’t know what to study at university and just blagged it in the end. They pretend that they hate the way the world is, and how big corporations and advertising companies tell us what to eat, think and wear in our daily lives. They also like to tell other students that their career possibilities are endless because the world couldn’t survive without media, when really they will just work for an office for the majority of their life with a really long job title which means nothing. The plus side is that they get to watch T.V. for their coursework.


Every student of psychology wants to be a psychologist, psychotherapist (they are different) or a child psychologist. There only seems to be three desired careers with these students. They are all in love with Freud and tell you about these really horrible scientific experiments that you never actually remember asking for them to tell you about. They also psychoanalyse everyone around them when they start their course, and at one point, themselves. They believe they have schizophrenia, personality disorder and is in some way, a psycho. Also, those around them will constantly ask what certain body language means, and the psychology students have to remind them each and every time that they do not study body language, but nobody listens.

Computer Science

Computer geeks who will end up working in IT in a basement of a big office started out as computer science students. They can fix any mobile phone if it crashes, and will undoubtedly ask those around them with technical issues if they have ‘turned it off and on again?’ You will be that friend who is always on call, and have to try to explain to your non-tech-savvy friend that the reason their laptop is doing weird things is because they accidentally turned on sticky keys.


Philosophy students love talking things over and talking about deep and meaningful topics until the early hours of the morning, and these conversations tend to always happen after a night out and all you want is to sleep but they won’t let you because they haven’t discovered the meaning of life yet.


People tend to enjoy quizzing geography students on the capitals of every country in the world because that is what the outside world believes they study. Geography students are always looking at the ground and grass when walking along because they are more interested in them than the conversation that you are having.


Fashion students like to tell you what is popular now and what will be on trend the next season – even though nobody really cares that much. These students also like to make their own alterations or even entire outfits and although it is completely obvious that they are handmade you still need to act shocked when they tell you so.


A lot of your non-artistic friends tend to ask why you are doing a degree and what job you can get if you see yourself as an ‘artist’. They always enjoy your art and tell you how talented you are creatively, but never seem interested when you invite them to a museum, art exhibition or gallery. Your friends somehow seem to work out where the cafe is before you do.


Students of journalism share their own blog more than they read the news, and you can always spot spelling mistakes in their work which you feel bad to tell them about. They are forever telling you about how news is constructed and corrupted today, or that they, ironically, don’t like to watch or read the news as it depresses them. Makes no sense right? It is important to remember to never trust a journalism student because whatever you tell them will end up on their blog, within the university newspaper or even on Ladbible the next week.



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