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What is Adjustment?

What is Adjustment?

What is Adjustment?

You have finally been able to open up your results, after three months of waiting, you’d rather watch paint dry than have to go through that experience again. Now that you have got your grades, there are options for you if you received higher than what you were predicted.


This is the process for any students that exceeded the minimum requirements needed for their Conditional Firm (CF), which was their confirmed offer, and have paid for the full application fee for UCAS.

What if I haven’t paid the full amount?

If you haven’t paid the full application amount – its okay! You are able to pay for it after results day, and before your Adjustment period is up. You have to pay the full application fee if you want to change universities or courses now that you have received your results.

What is the Adjustment period?

The Adjustment period is from the day that you received your results, or when your Conditional Firm (CF), confirmed offer, has changed to Unconditional Firm (UF) an unconditional offer. This is when the university has accepted you based on your results. From the day that this changes, which can be on results day or just before, you will have 5 calendar days to choose and change universities or courses – if you want to.

I don’t know when my Adjustment period ends?

You can see where your own individual Adjustment period deadline on the UCAS Track page, on the ‘choices’ page on your account.

How do I choose universities?

If you do want to go through Adjustment, you will need to ‘register for adjustment’ on your UCAS Track ‘choices’ page. After this, review any universities that you are considering attending, and they will check if you are eligible to attend that course. If you are, they will offer you a place, and if you want to, you are able to accept it. UCAS Track will be updated with this information and you’ll receive a letter of confirmation.

What do I need to do?

You need to research these new universities and colleges, if you haven’t already done so, or if you didn’t initially research them at the beginning of the application process. Universities have different campus’, accommodation and costs, so be prepared to know that it may cost you more, or your university experience may be different than expected.

If you fell in love with your university or course, or feel like 5 days isn’t enough time to research and make another informed decision about where to study, you don’t have to go through Adjustment. This is just an extra option for anyone who received higher grades than expected and have more options available to them. It isn’t mandatory or necessary. Go with your gut!

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