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What is Freshers?

What is Freshers?

What is Freshers?

What is Freshers? Freshers, or a Fresher is an informal term for Freshman, which are the first years at university; the ‘newbies’ that some undergraduates can spot a mile away! Freshers also refer to the beginning of university, where universities host Freshers Fairs and events to help ease students into university life.

You can expect lots of induction lessons and tours where you will be able to become familiar with the university grounds and remember where everything is. It is a great idea to attend these tours so you can know what facilities are around the campus – such as, Launderettes, salons, restaurants, cash machines and small supermarkets – because these will come in handy during your first year, especially if you are out at 3 am and in need of toilet paper! The induction lessons will give you an indication of what the course will be like, what you are going to study and any important information you might need to know, such as deadlines.

Freshers Week isn’t mandatory and your university will inform you on the dates where you will be able to move into your new home if you’re living in Halls or the university accommodation. There will be the first date which is the soonest that you can move in, and the last date which is the deadline of moving in day. The last date is usually a few days before your course begins to give you sufficient time to move, settle in and to get used to your new home.

Some institutions allow new undergraduates to bring a few friends to stay during Freshers to help you feel comfortable with the big change, and to make new friends! Check with your university beforehand if they have this option and how long your friends from home are allowed to stay.

You’ll receive a welcome pack from the Student Union or a staff member from the university that will have everything you need to know – trust us, it will come in handy! It will tell you about sports events, societies and club fair, masterclasses and inductions that will help to ease the change to ‘full-time student’.

Freshers Fair is a great opportunity to learn about what your institution has to offer as well as get all the freebies you can physically hold! The amount of pens that you’ll receive will literally last until graduation day!

You may even meet a celebrity, see a great DJ or listen to your favourite band during one of the events, so try to ensure you don’t miss anything that comes up! Look through your Welcome Pack or check out your university’s website to see if you can buy a Freshers Pass or a ticket to get you into lots of events – it will end up saving you money. Not all Freshers events cost, but some of the busy and popular events may sell out fast, so get in there quick!

Freshers Week is like an undergraduate festival to help set you up for the year and your entire degree, it is useful to attend to get the anxious and nerve-wracking experience of meeting new people and settling into university life out of the way so when you start studying, you’ll feel right at home.

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