What people really think about your degree course

The hopes and dreams of a Fresher and a first year student may have dissolved slowly throughout the time it takes to obtain a degree, and although we are all insanely proud of our hard work during the three years, we do judge ourselves a little bit. Others are likely to judge us to on what we have decided to study and spend £40,000 on – and below is probably what they are really thinking when you tell them that you study Geography or Film.

1. Accounting

You care about money way too much, and will back stab anyone to get that nice flat in the city

2. American Studies

So you just want that free trip to America, where you'll probably stay somewhere boring, like Maine.

3. Anthropology

Smoking a joint is not studying

4. Archaeology

You just liked playing in the dirt as a kid, right? You know there are no dinosaurs left?

5. Biology

You couldn't get into the medicine course

6. Business

You think you are the next Lord Alan Sugar - when you couldn't even get on to Dragon's Den

7. Chemistry

You're clever but no one understands what you study, and why you study it

8. Classics

You liked the movie Troy with Brad Pitt and thought it would be fun

9. Creative Writing

You see yourself as the next J.K. Rowling, even though your novel idea is pretty crap

10. Crimonology

You watched CSI Las Vegas and thought that you could do that job

11. Computer Science

It is just like IT isn't it?

12. Drama/Performing Arts

You're not smart enough to do a 'real' degree

13. Dentistry

You couldn't hack it as a Doctor

14. Economics

You want to be a banker with a shitload of money

15. Engineering

Nobody really understands what an engineer does so they just nod along

16. English

You are just a posh librarian with a cardigan

17. Environmental Science

You like trees a lot?

18. Fashion

You basically just like shopping a lot don't you?

19. Film studies

You like Quentin Tarantino and call yourself an avid film watcher

20. Finance

You want to budget other people's money as a living

21. Geography

Everybody thinks that you know every single country in the world, and what the capital city is

22. History

You can't give up your grudges and are obsessed with World War II

23. Languages

You can ask for two beers in French, but that is about it

24. Law

You have been dying to be Erin Brockovich since Julia Roberts kicked ass in that film

25. Media

So what do you actually study? Do you just watch TV all day?

26. Medicine

Yes, okay you wanted to be a Doctor since you were 5, but didn't we all? We just grew up to realise what a shit job it is. Please help me if I am dying though. Thanks

27. Music

We all want to be The Beatles and Britney Spears okay?

28. Nursing

We care about people, but not enough to wipe their arse every day

29. Philosophy

You want to escape the responsibilities of life by just not answering life questions

30. Politics

You must be a proper jerk.

31. Psychology

Everybody wants to be a psychologist at one point, you were just dumb enough to believe you can do it - which you won't

32. Physics

We get that you are proper smart, but why study it?

33. Sociology

So basically, nothing really?

34. Theology

Do you love religion?

35. Zoology

Basically, you'll probably end up as a vet right?

What degree do you want to study and do you believe this is what people will think about it?