What to Do During Adjustment 2018

What to Do During Adjustment 2018

What to Do During Adjustment 2018

Adjustment is where you received better grades than expected or predicted, and as it is a very short time from getting your results to the deadline or the Adjustment 2018 period. We can let you know where to go during this time to get you on the right course at the right university.


Talk to a teacher or staff at your college, sixth form and/or careers office to see if Adjustment is right for you. These adults would have spent a lot of time with you during your studying and application process so they will have some great advice on what you should do.

UCAS Track

You need to register for Adjustment on your UCAS Track profile before you can begin researching all of the other courses out there for you. On the choices screen in Track, click Register for Adjustment, but remember, you need to have met and exceeded your requirements to be eligible.

University or College website

Check out the places you are interested in! This may be your chance, remember the choices you didn’t get to apply to? Check them out! Each university or college will have the information on their websites about potential course spaces available – this will be the most updated.


The Clearing and Adjustment helpline: 0800 094 9071. This is just for advice and to tell you what to do and how to do it. The people on the other side of the line can tell you how to contact universities to see what places they have, but they can’t tell you what choice to make! Remember to call the university! Just looking at their website and choosing a course in your head doesn’t guarantee you a spot!

Back to UCAS Track

The university on the phone will tell you right there and then if they want to offer you a place – remember you are only allowed one Adjustment offer, and you can’t get another one until you accept or reject the one you have! So if you called two and the first one offered you a place, the second university can’t offer you a place until you have dealt with the first one! The university will attach themselves to your application and send the offer through, then you need to respond to it.

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