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What to Expect from Freshers’

What to Expect from Freshers’

What to Expect from Freshers’

Now that you’re on your way to obtaining a university degree, you have your reading books on your new desk, your clothes are neatly folded in your wardrobe and your stuffed teddy bears are in alphabetical order on your bedspread; everything that could happen has happened, right? No! Freshers’ will bring lots to wonderful new experiences and memories you would never have believed that were real! Here is what to expect from Freshers Week!


After a few days, you may find that you wish you recorded yourself saying ‘Hi, What is your name and what course are you studying?’ because you will be sick and tired of asking it by the end of Freshers! You will always remember your first night at university, it’s something you will never forget. Everybody is new, and there is a high probability that all of the people you will meet at university will be strangers at the beginning. Your first month will be spent mingling with your classmates, housemates and anyway around campus, this is when you will start to feel like you are settling in at university.


As noted as one of the favourite past times for students, you will find yourself having nights out, drinking games in, and attending events hosted by your university and local nightclubs. Socialising will help ease feeling homesick and to aid you settling into your new home!

Asking lots of questions

You are going to feel unsure and confused about the new processes of higher education, like, what classes are called, what your modules will be counted as, and what grades are translated into. It’s okay! You will be asking your new housemates and classmates what you’re not sure on, and may find yourself sending lots and lots of emails to course administrators, tutors and anybody who will read them! This is a new experience, so be prepared to feel – only slightly – out of your depth.

Checking your Facebook

A number of friends you currently have on Facebook and followers on Twitter will skyrocket as you begin your adding spree! We do advise checking social media sites after Freshers’ as your wild antics or nights out could be uploaded and you might be tagged in them! Always check mobile notifications with a clear head!

Feeling homesick

It could occur when you have laid down your last teddy bear or hung up your last photograph on the wall, but feeling homesick is completely natural as well as temporary. Settling into a new atmosphere can take time, and each person is entirely different, so don’t feel upset that you haven’t overcome the university blues faster than your friends!

Forget about budgeting

It’s hard to say when budgeting goes out the window during Freshers, maybe it was that 5th round you bought at the Student Union or that huge takeaway order you bought when you got home after a night out? After each day, try to set time aside to re-assess your budget – this is important during Freshers’ week because your new student loan definitely feels like free money, but it isn’t!

Freshers’ is a great experience for every new student, advice for freshers can be extremely helpful, you don’t want to make the same mistake as other. You might find yourself feeling certain emotions you haven’t before – and that is okay! Remember to keep your friends close, keep in contact with your family, and to enjoy yourself before the real work begins! Now that you know what to expect from Freshers’ you can concentrate on the new chapter in your life!

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