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What to Get Involved with at University

What to Get Involved with at University

What to Get Involved with at University

Becoming an undergraduate is full of opportunities that you won’t get later in life. As well as studying for a degree, university is more than just coursework, research and independent reading, and we know some of the great things you can do alongside modules, and what to get involved with at university.


University societies are great ways to get involved in something that you believe in, that interests you or to try something new. There are so many different societies and guilds to become a part of, that the list seems endless, and some are unusual but amazing! Look at your universities website, or around the reception and schools of departments to see what is on offer.


Workshops can be quite educational and fun! Your university may conduct workshops and sessions to help students structure an essay, plan or how to reference, and this is priceless when attending university. Societies and groups can also run workshops, so if you’ve always fancied learning how to edit on filmmaking software Adobe Premier, then sign up!


You don’t just have to be studying a Film degree If your university has a great Film and media department they may even have a cinema, which will most definitely have screenings. It can be screenings of previous years’ work, students own work or even just a screening as part of the university. These can be really interesting to show what your course can include, later on, great use of the cinema at your uni and even with low or free tickets, help out the university too!


The School of Arts, usually consisting of film, media, journalism, web, design, art, theatre and dance and anything similar, can hold some great events. Whether art shows, film screenings, theatre discussion or even bake sales for a new dance studio take your fancy, the department is big enough to have lots on offer! You can check the School’s webpage that usually is on your university’s website, or even, check for posters and information.


Your university will have lots going on, all the time, and getting involved is a great decision! They may have volunteer work, mentor system, or giving your time to the university in general. Each activity will be good for anyone that receives it. You can help new first years of college students on Open Days find their way around!

University Magazine

Your university may even have a magazine or newspaper. This is great to get involved in, especially if you are a budding journalist, photographer or designer! Most of the time they will read and publish any student’s work if sent to them, and when a position opens why don’t you go for it?

Local area

Take a tour of your local area, what is going on? There may be a book club at your local bookstore, charity drives, or an allotment you can rent. Take advantage of what your local area has and why it is so unique and special, there are so many little gems that you didn’t even know about!


Your university will have a sports department, so if you see yourself as the next David Beckham, Andy Murray or Jennifer Ellis, then why not sign up? You don’t have to be taking a degree in connection to the sport to get involved! Sports also get their own funding, so you can even get the chance to travel on tour in annual tournaments, so who cares you may get hurt in Rugby? Spain is quite nice in August!

Student Union

Your Student Union is very helpful at university. The SU is perfect for anyone who wants to make sure every student gets the treatment, support and justice they deserve. Perfect for anyone interested in charity work and politics. The SU is generally all volunteer based and uses its funding to give back to the student body. So start planning the Summer Ball already!

Remember, university is a life experience and not just a qualification, so get the most out of your experience for the rest of your life instead of the other way round!

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