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What you’re going to find hard at university

What you’re going to find hard at university

What you’re going to find hard at university

When Fresher’s week draws to an end, the shot glasses are cleaned up, the cold and flu tablets taken, and the new undergraduates have begun hibernating in their beds, the real life of university will begin. Higher education will hopefully be an entirely different process that you have encountered before, although, there are things that you’re going to find hard at university, here are the first few examples.

Initially, you’ll enter university with a fresh and wonderful frame of mind, where you believe you’ll work hard the majority of the time, and any leisure activity will be well-deserved and welcomed in your eyes. However, this rarely follows through for any undergraduate, you will most definitely find yourself procrastinating a lot more than you initially thought you would or wanted to. This is one of the hardest obstacles to overcome, and we do wish any participants the best of luck. Although, the only cure, as of yet, which has been known, is to literally suck it up and do the work, as when you find yourself stuck into it – it’s not that bad! Good luck at climbing over the first hurdle of YouTube videos, Facebook messenger and scrolling through memes!

Nobody expects first years to get everything right, and that includes receiving full marks, being able to complete all the reading, and even sending all the correct documentation to Student Finance the first time round – it just rarely happens! At some institutions, the good thing is that your first year doesn’t count towards your grade, the university likes to give you a full year to get used to lecture timetables, deadlines, referencing and anything else that might be put on your plate. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to work at all! Your university wants you to succeed enough to continue through to your degree but gives you enough wiggle room to get some stuff wrong.

When you were unpacking in your new dorm, we imagine yourself giving the inner you a pep talk, which probably was along the lines of descent advice about when to go out, when to stop drinking, and what days you need to knuckle down and do some work and get a decent night of sleep before the very early morning lecture the next day. Furthermore, we probably expect you to give yourself some leeway and a bit of credit the first few weeks, as you start to slip away from your own set of rules due to Fresher’s week, but this is acceptable. In addition, this plan might go completely down the pan, and you will find yourself sleeping all the time, except for certain lectures – generally your favourite – and your life will now become solely controlled by constantly scheduled naps.

When you initially created your plan to your desired career path, maybe it was only in 5 steps and took 4 years? You may have thought that after university you would expect your dream job to be handed over into your hand within 60 working days. But once you have started your degree, and spoke to like-minded people with the same interests, your career advisor, or even your tutor, you are starting to realise that it is a lot harder than you think, and this can be difficult to deal with. It is hard to climb out of the bubble that is your way of thinking how easy the world works. Although you are going to realise your career path may become slightly steeper, it doesn’t mean you haven’t got a ticket for the journey.

One of the biggest things to overcome when it comes to moving away from home, attending university and being, essentially, a grown up, is that you are going to have to do things you don’t want to do. There are so many things that come under the title ‘What I don’t want to do’, here are a few examples; attend all lectures, complete all work on time, study independently, basically have your studying as a full-time job, not go out that much, budget and save money and clean and tidy nearly every day. We are sure there are so many more things that come under that category, but the point is, you’re going to realise this whilst at university and you’re going to have to pull yourself through it!

University is a learning curve and the majority of the time seems harder than it is. However, each individual has difficulty with different aspects of university life, and you will find yourself having to overcome your own fears and problems. This is the first part of what you’re going to find hard at university… stay tuned to read the final part!

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