Will Clearing 2014 affect me?

Will Clearing 2014 affect me?

Will Clearing 2014 affect me?

Clearing 2014 opens 14th August, on A-Level results day and closes on 30th September.

If will only affect you if you:

  • Have applied for university after the 30th of June
  • You didn’t receive any offers from universities
  • You didn’t meet the requirements set by your firm and insurance universities
  • You haven’t applied to university yet

If any of the above relate to you then you may need to go into Clearing and follow the process to find you a free spot on a university course.

Firstly, check your UCAS Track page, as even though you missed your requirements, if it is by a small amount, some universities may accept students regardless. You need to check UCAS Track to see if you have an offer or a chance to go to university.

If one of your insurance universities offered you a place but you have decided against attending that institution, you can still go through Clearing 2014.

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