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What you won’t expect to happen at university: Part 1

What you won’t expect to happen at university: Part 1

What you won’t expect to happen at university: Part 1

University is a learning experience for all students and undergraduates that choose to study for a degree, however, individuals will gain an entirety of various experiences, so don’t expect to leave with the same knowledge as your housemates! There are a few areas of the student life that won’t seem like an opportunity for change or learning, and here are a few things that you won’t expect to happen at university.

Firstly, you are going to meet all kinds of people who are from different backgrounds, studied different subjects and who are at university for entirely opposing reasons; but, they’re going to end up being your closest friends. You may, a few months down the line, think that if you met this person in a completely contrasting environment that you wouldn’t have got on so well – this is usually the case! Similar experiences help bring people together and establish a common ground, so your classmates or housemates might be completely unlike you and your other friends but you’ll find yourself getting along like a house on fire!

Furthermore, regarding relationships, you may not have expected to live, work and study near people that you greatly dislike, although, this is the downside to Halls and residence! You will need to know what to expect when living in halls. Your dorm is only represented by a random selection of students, and you’re going to have to live with them for the entire year. Of course, if there is a serious issue or clash you can speak to the accommodation department of your university or your personal tutor, but in most cases, it will just be a clash of personalities – and trust us, it does happen! You might be lucky and find that you get on with all your neighbours, but that doesn’t mean all of your classmates will be perfect! University is made up of lectures, seminars and classes, and you’ll discover that there is at least one person that you wish wasn’t interested in the same subject as you!

Growing up, moving out and living alone is going to be the most difficult aspect for an undergraduate, as, the majority of students are between 18 and 21 years old, and haven’t lived away from home before; it is going to be tough! It may be the most exciting aspect for you, or what appealed to you most when applying for university, however, the different is going to strike you when you least expect it. It could be the first day, during Fresher’s Week, or after the first term, but, it will creep up on you even if you are feeling fine. Homesickness can be a tricky feeling to overcome, and we advise Skyping, talking, texting your friends and family back home and to keep yourself busy. The feeling will subside, especially if you entertain yourself with your studies, new friends and by becoming involved in all what university has to offer.

Lastly, the biggest issue you’re going to have to deal with when at university, is that you are now, kind of, officially, a grown up. Yes, you’re an adult! This means paying bills, setting up direct debits, keeping an eye on your bank balance, budgeting, watching your spending, allocating your funds, making responsible decisions as well as doing all of your washing and ironing – yuck. It may seem a lot now, but the first term is the hardest and by the end of the year you’ll be used to living on little money, whilst having a great time and paying all of your bills, to the point where you’ll wonder why you were even worried about going to university in the first place!

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