16 of the worst school photos ever taken

Want to see some awful pictures? Well we’re pretty sure this collection is part of the worst school photos ever taken, for so many reasons. We advise people to be warned before scrolling down the page!

1. Did the Pikachu have to be there?

2. There is something about.. the quiff?

3. Seriously?

4. We just have to see this again

5. Why the ladder exactly?

6. What is going on here?

7. Ooof

8. He doesn't look happy

9. I don't understand this

10. Or this

11. Where is the camera?

12. Oh it's there...

13. Joke?

14. And the metaphor is exactly?

15. We all had this hair

And we all instantly regretted it

16. Lazer shows are so two decades ago

Do you think these are the worst school photos ever taken?