24 things you can only share with your best friends

Friends don’t come easy and can be hard to find, but when you do you’ll find out there are only some things you can share with your best friends, and that is what makes them great in the first place.

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1. You can share childhood memories with your BFF

2. And your bad bits from the past

3. And the late night phone calls

4. And the really important stuff

5. Someone who knows your dreams

6. And wants to go on adventures with you

7. The happiest moments are always with your BFF

8. And the moments that feel like family

9. Or the hours spent doing nothing

10. They understand your thoughts

11. And your entire mind

12. You can share the cray cray

And they'll never judge you for it

13. And the unexpected

14. They can hear the things you don't say

15. And the made up language you use

16. Basically you can share everything with them

17. And all of your problems

18. The good things

19. And the bad

20. Your trust is sacred

21. And the laughter

22. They know the real you

23. And have never left your side

24. And you both share the same reason why you're best friends

Because you love the hell out of each other, thats why

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What can you share with your best friends?