Your feelings on Results day told by Meerkats

It feels like another year has passed but it has only been ten days since you received your results, and we know that it would have been a very emotional day for you. So we have your feelings on results day here but we lightened the mood with a Meerkat or two, and to help you process these strong feels.

1. You felt pretty nervous waking up

And you spent a lot of time in bed before admitting what day it was

2. The best part is meeting your friends there

For emotional support of course and just another excuse to see them again

3. You try to squint at your results

Maybe that B will miraculously turn into an A after a while?

4. You then spend some time by yourself for a while

5. Okay, you might have needed a lie down too

6. But you start to feel okay about your future

And the idea that you're going to be an adult now

7. But you still need a hug from your mum

No matter how old or grown up you are