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What you’re not going to miss about A Levels

What you’re not going to miss about A Levels

What you’re not going to miss about A Levels

Once you being your journey of choosing a university and deciding what course you’re going to take, you’ll start to compare to what university has to offer you against your current studies – BTECs and A Levels. Here is a list of what you’re not going to miss about A Levels!



Even though college or sixth form is generally more laid back than your school days (less so if you are at your own sixth form), university offers even more freedom! There are still occasions where you have to sign in and have a certain amount of attendance before you’re being ‘spoken to’ by your form tutor or head of year! At university attendance is importance, and you do need to attend a certain amount of lessons of each course to be able to pass, but it isn’t as regimented as your A Level teachers.


The choices you made

When you pick your subjects at college the material you study and the coursework you work on is pretty much the same as the rest of the students in your class. But at university, even if you pick the same course you have the chance to explore different coursework questions and pick another set of modules where you can study deeper into the subject. English can be split into periods of history, types of writing or even specific genres! The possibilities are literally tripled at degree level. There is also the opportunity to be able to study something from another course or school/department. Your maths tutor at college wouldn’t allow you to take a lesson in psychology!


It was like being at school

The rules and regulations from school are still apparent at college, and even though universities don’t allow their students to run wild and cause havoc, it feels like you’re treated more like the adult you have become. And that is never a bad thing! It gives you the chance to explore who you are as a person and understand boundaries.


How disinterested you were in them

Each degree has to have a pre-requisite, where you have to obtain specific A Levels to be able to be accepted onto the course – some degrees and/or universities are more forgiving than others. It can be hard to motivate yourself to enjoy each A Level class when you know, deep down, you’re only taking it so that you can study what you want in two years’ time!


How they made you feel

A Levels can make you feel under challenged, stupid, young or trapped. Each negative feeling turns into pure bliss once you finish your last class at college. University can bring on its own entire bag of emotions, but at least it is a new experience!


What your teachers kept talking about

Yes, we know that university, your exam results and your personal statement is important but please stop going on about it! Your teachers at college are full of worry that their students are going to make the wrong decisions and fail, and their nagging can become annoying. At university they will tell you the important stuff but then it is completely up to you to remember and ensure that it happens!


When you’re reading about all the wonderful things that you’re going to be studying and doing at university, it can make you begin to resent your current BTECs and A Levels. But, just remember, good things come to those who wait!


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