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Belfast is, of course, the capital of Northern Ireland and it’s the largest city too. According to recent figures, Belfast boasts a population of around 335,000 people. The city is also the UK’s tenth largest primary urban area.


Belfast boasts a large selection of museums including the Ulster Museum which is open from 10:00 am until 17:00 pm, Belfast Exposed or the Irish Republican History Museum or SS Nomadic all of which open and close at the same time and a must-visit for the culture vultures.

Fancy a change of pace and watching a film? Then Belfast has a handful of cinemas available such as the Odeon Cinema, Odyssey Cinemas and quite simply, The Movie House, if you’re looking for a night out watching movies, any of these will be perfect, especially for students looking to study a Film degree.

Are there any famous people from Belfast? Why yes, there are including; Pat Rice, Van Morrison, Chaim Herzog, Jonny Evans and Kenneth Branagh.


Belfast boasts quite a nightlife too! Its nightlife has long since been at the forefront of student nights out (See more – Best universities for nightlife). There are so many venues to talk about in Belfast, but we have mentioned some of our favourites!

The first one is 21 Social a restaurant that boasts a reputation of being at the forefront of buffet and drinks reception circles.

Brennan’s Bar is another that is also available for students, the bar and grill serve some awesome drinks and tasty food, a perfect venue for socialising too!

Citigolf is something of a unique place within the idea of socialising as it is a bar as one might expect…but also allows you to play golf and with the Wii Console too, a strange but magnificent night out.


Belfast plays host to a number of different festivals within the city, one of which is the Belfast Film Festival, which has been going since 1995, a particularly good avenue to explore film fans of an independent film or for budding filmmakers. Also is the Belfast International Arts Festival which runs for 18 days in October, which has a massive interest for those looking to study an Art degree.


Transport in Belfast is not exactly in short supply. So much so in fact that there is an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to it! There’s a tram system that runs through the city, and a few train stations and bus services as well as two airports, Belfast International Airport and George Best International Airport.

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