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One of the largest areas in the UK, Bradford has a rough population of 528,155 according to the most recent figures. Located in West Yorkshire, Bradford has had a fair amount of foot traffic over the years and remains one of the most popular places in the UK. A very popular place like Bradford would love to see some students studying Land and Property Management helping to build and grow the city further!


Bradford has a handful of museums available to the public with Cartwright Hall, Bradford Industrial Museum, Manor House Museum, Bolling Hall Museum and the National Media Museum all accessible to the public and students alike! 

Bradford is home to numerous cinemas available too if you’re looking to have a chilled night out watching a film, everything from the local Odeon all the way through to the tiered seating of the CineWorld, all of which play host to the very best films available today.

Who’s from Bradford? There’s a few notable people from Bradford including; Tom Cleverly, Tim Booth, Tamsin Archer, Gareth Gates, Natalia Kills and Zayn Malik!


There’s a rich and vibrant nightlife around Bradford, everyone looking for a good night out can find one in Bradford, we’ve got a few places that just might help with that.

Trash Bradford is one of the premier nightclubs in Bradford, which holds everything from Fresher’s Raves all the way through to just general nightclub activities, this is the place for a fun night out!

A particular anomaly within the nightclub sphere is that of Flares & Reflex, which offers all drinks at £2.00. A particularly generous offer and one that will almost certainly have you wanting to go back, especially if you want to budget for the year and alcohol is still a high priority.

City Vaults is another place in Bradford that could well tickle your fancy. With a wonderfully inviting exterior and a brilliant atmosphere inside, it’s difficult to see why you’d want to go anywhere else.


There is the Bradford Festival which is a well-known area for people that are looking to see what the city of Bradford is all about, featuring parades and more! Various film festivals are held in Bradford as well including the Golden Years Film Festivals which is held annually and something to check out for film buffs! For students interested in studying a food science degree will probably love this next event… the world curry festival! Bringing all the flavours from around the world to one place, lovely!


Bus and train routes run throughout the city with the nearby Leeds Bradford Airport also being close by too. There are no trams or anything like that, but the bus routes are running all the time, and there are excellent taxi services available too!

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