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Brighton is one of the biggest and most popular seaside cities in the United Kingdom (Learn more – best coastal universities) ; it has an estimated population of 282,000 according to the most recent figures. There’s not too much that this city doesn’t have to offer.


For the culture vultures, there is the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, which is open from 10:00 am until 17:00 pm and features the famous artwork The Raising of Lazarus, a must visit for Art students or those with a keen interest in art.

For those interested in cinema and keen for the latest and greatest that Hollywood has to offer. Brighton is home to two Cineworlds which comes with tiered seating and an Odeon Cinema within walking distance from Brighton’s world famous pier.

The Brighton Pier is one of the most recognised landmarks in Brighton and is certainly at the epicentre of what makes Brighton great! The pier is certainly synonymous with the very idea of the English seaside, and given the level of interest it generates, it’s difficult to argue.

Who else lived in Brighton? Good question, there are quite a few notable people that have come from Brighton including; Cate Blanchett, Matt King, Colin Grant and Natasha Khan (Or Bat for Lashes as she is known professionally).


There is a lot of competition when it comes to the best university nightlife, luckily Brighton is renowned for its nightlife and variety that one can visit at any point. The variation makes this a seriously sought after place with lots of wonderful places available for everyone, so all areas are covered here!

One of the best places to visit in Brighton is the club Komedia, but don’t let the name fool you, despite showing it’s fair share of stand-up comedy there is a huge supply of live musical acts too!

Club Revenge is the next up, with spectacular pyrotechnics and a wide range of DJ sets and a dance floor it’s difficult to argue with this particular bar.


The Brighton Festival runs annually and is a fantastic chance to view the performing art at the forefront of Brighton right now. Visit Brighton allows people to view the city and to experience some of the wonderful activities that Brighton has to offer. Wildlife Festival is an annual event too, but the event is kept under wraps until a few weeks before, so be sure to keep your ear to the ground for news on this! Brighton does have some of the biggest and best events so for those looking to study events management, keep a close eye on how they run these!

Brighton is home to hundreds of shops, so whether you’re visiting or you’re studying there, be sure to have your NUS card and seek out the extra stuff you can get as a student!


Shoreham Airport is the most nearby airport in Brighton; it also happens to be the most accessible concerning flights, flying to most major locations. There is a train station with direct trains into London, for those that want to wander around the countries capital. Bus routes are very common too which comes in handy when walking can seem too much, especially in a big place like Brighton.

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