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Cambridge has long since been at the forefront of education and the world of students, ever since it’s world-renowned university has been achieving the heights it has. Sitting about 80km north of London, it is possibly one of the most well-known university cities in the UK (Learn more – Going to Oxford or Cambridge).


Cambridge boasts a breadth of museums available to the public and students alike with everything from the Fitzwilliam Museum, the Museum of Classical Archaeology, Kettle’s Yard to the Cambridge Museum of Technology.

There are a number of cinemas too if you’re looking to watch the newest and greatest in the world of cinema as Cambridge offers The Light Cinema, Arts Picturehouse and Vue Cinemas. Students looking to study Film studies degree or Film-making degree would love the variety that Cambridge have to offer!

There are a numerous famous people born in Cambridge, for notable alumni of their university, check out our profile on Cambridge University. Famous people include; Olivia Newton-John, Rosie Day, Charli XCX, Jeremy Irvine and Richard Attenborough.


One of the clubs that we recommend for people in Cambridge is Vodka Revolution, which is a sort of club and bar hybrid and changes on the night and depending on the entertainment provided on any given night.

Lola Lo is one of the many clubs in Cambridge that has people queuing up at the door too, everything you need in a nightclub is offered here, with everything from live music all the way to DJ sets. Definitely worth checking out!

Fez Club is another place that’s worth looking at too with everything from music and drinks all the way through to VIP Areas, definitely, one of the premier places in Cambridge to visit, if only for it’s special nights dedicated to well-known artists!


Cambridge is home to some festivals that it runs every year, with everything from music to culture. There’s the History Festival, Cambridge Literary Festival and The Big Weekend; there are even a few comedy festivals that run as well.

Cambridge is a very sporty city, with a wide range of sports commonly played here, so if you’re a student that is likely to play sport at university as well as in your spare time, then Cambridge definitely has you covered!


Cambridge boasts it’s own international airport, there’s a train network running through the city and a number of bus routes too. There’s even a guided busway service too!

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