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One of the UK’s many UNESCO World Heritage Sites and located in the district of Kent, Canterbury is one of the UK’s most beloved cities and one of the top university hotspots! The heritage sites would likely to be particularly interesting for those interested in studying Landscape Design and Town Planning and students keen on a Land and Property Management degree. With a population of around 55,240 according to the most recent figures, it is one of the most densely populated areas in the UK.


Canterbury is one of the cultural sites of England and is practically drowned in history, so why not check out the local museums? There’s everything from The Beaney, The Heritage Museum and the Roman Museum that are all open to the public.

Canterbury has many cinemas too, for those looking to see the most recent films, including the Odeon Cinema and the Curzon Cinema.

There are plenty of famous people from Canterbury including; Orlando Bloom, Jodie Kidd, Patricia Potter and Ryan Butcher.

Canterbury - Castle


Canterbury has a number of different places that you can visit to have a good time, first up is The Old Brewery Tavern, which despite its name is a renowned bar, restaurant, bar and grill and a place for live music too!

The Shakespeare is the next place that we recommend to people, one of the best wine bars in Canterbury and offers all sorts of gourmet food and some of the best in alcoholic beverages too!


Canterbury has some festivals that it runs annually, everything from the food and drink festival to Heritage Open Days if you’re looking to learn more and more about Canterbury as well as Anifest!

The cobble roads are full of the usual high street brands, so it’s definitely worth taking your student NUS card!


Canterbury has a broad range of transportation networks, with everything trains available as well as bus routes. However, it is easy to get to London from Canterbury as you can catch one of the many overground services.

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