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One of the few walled cities in the UK, Chester is located just a few miles away from the border of Wales and boasts a population of roughly 79,645 according to the most recent figures. It was founded as a castrum by the Romans in 79 AD under the reign of Emperor Vespasian, although back then it was called Deva Victrix.


Given Chester’s rich and decadent history, there are plenty of museums around the city devoted to the history of the city including; the Grosvenor Museum, Weaver House and Stretton Watermill, all of which are accessible to the public and are affordable.

If you’re looking to soak up the latest and greatest in film at the moment, then Chester has a huge variety of cinemas available for you with everything from Cineworld to Vue Cinemas, these are all available for people to go and see what’s out and with tiered seating too!

There are numerous famous people that come from Chester too, including; Daniel Craig, Emily Booth, Ian Blair, Beatrice Tinsley, Michael Owen and Martin Tyler.


Chester boasts a wide array of things to do on a night out with everything from nights out at a bar, a pub or even just a chilled night out at a local comedy club. We’ve compiled a list of three places that we think might be right up your alley.

First up, we have the Cruise nightclub, which has long since been a place for a good night out with everything from live music and DJ sets being performed and let’s not forget a huge amount of alcohol too!

Next, we have Rosie’s, a place at the very forefront of underground music. Everything from DJ sets all the way through to raves can happen here, and it’s worth every penny! If you’re looking for an awesome night out this is the place for you.

Now we come to a sport’s bar in Chester called Off the Wall (And no we’re not talking about the much-loved Michael Jackson album of the same name), this place is one of the places that you can watch everything from football to cricket to rugby to boxing, it’s all here!


There’s plenty of things to do in Chester, with everything from the Chester Arts Fair (Which runs annually at an affordable price) or one of the many small music festivals that are run, in which you can see the newest and greatest of the Chester music scene, popular with students with a keen interested in studying a Music degree.


There’s a lot by way of transportation routes in Chester, with everything from train stations and bus routes as well as a fair amount of cycle routes as well, which can be useful for those looking to get fit! The closest airport to Chester is Hawarden Airport in Wales.


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